Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for Each Age Group

We have five classrooms:

Class Size

Classroom ratios are consistent with the recommendations of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Teacher-to-Child Ratios:

Class CDC Ratios NAEYC* Ratios State of GA
Infants 1:4 1:4 1:6
Toddler I 1:4/1:5 1:4/1:5 1:8
Toddler II 1:6 1:6 1:10
Preschool 1:8 1:8 1:15
GA Pre-K 1:11 1:11

*National Association for the Education of Young Children

Annual Classroom Transitions

  • Each May, children and their teachers transition together to the next classroom
  • The lead teacher stays with the class from the Infant room through Preschool
  • As a result, each child experiences a high level of continuity of care

No Religious Education — Why Not?

While we support and recognize the value of a Christian-based education, the CDC at Central’s mission is to serve Atlanta’s working families from all religious backgrounds.