The Child Development Center of Central has several unique features not offered by most Atlanta daycares.

The low teacher turnover is one of the unique features of the daycare.

Loving and stable environment

  • Extremely low teacher turnover rate
  • Daily and weekly schedules that foster child learning and development

Continuity of care

  • Teachers stay with the same group of children for four years, in a practice called “looping.”
  • Read more about the benefits of looping in early childhood education (pdf).
  • Each May, the children and lead teachers transition together to their next classroom

Curriculum enrichment

Provided, healthy meals are one of the unique features of the daycare.

  • Music (all classes)

Healthy, provided meals

  • Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are served daily at no additional cost
  • Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Organic milk and some organic foods
  • Accommodations made for any food requirements your child may have
  • A school-wide low sugar policy: no sweets allowed

Convenient school closings

  • The center follows the Atlanta Public School calendar
  • Teacher training days are kept to a minimum and scheduled around holidays
  • View the school calendar

The state of the art playground is one of the daycare's unique features.

State-of-the-art playground

  • Easily accessible and secured playground
  • Large shaded area
  • Engineered “green” materials for safe surfaces

Community involvement

  • Quarterly collections to benefit community

Open communication

  • Parent involvement is encouraged and welcomed
  • Teachers and parents meet quarterly to review developmental milestones
  • Parents are given daily and weekly updates
  • Administrators work regular hours and their doors are always open
  • Staff is easily approachable any time of the day